I just wanted to take some time out this morning to send some acknowledgement and thank to you and the college staff. I know and understand what a strain this is on all of you and especially so many unanswered questions especially with regards to boarding. However, I would like to compliment you and your staff. Your communication has been incredible – I have always admired this about Treverton. The willingness to tweak the online platform and how things are working to best suit students and teachers. The quality of the lessons that are coming though are professional and impressive. I acknowledge how much more time it takes to prepare these lessons and how much more time it takes to mark, not including the amount of time it takes to connect with the students. Jenna is missing Treverton terribly but all of the above helps her still feel part of the Treverton family. So a very big THANK YOU for the hours and hours of preparation, love and communication from all of you. We appreciate you. Look after yourselves and we hope to see you soon.