Be prepared to be touched! I firmly believe that language can never express the full “Treverton experience.” Behind the entrance gate lies a hidden gem, interwoven with immense natural beauty, a caring, unified, closely-knit community, and a constant awareness of God’s sovereign splendour. And yet, Treverton encompasses even more… Spectacularly florid orange sunrises introduce warm, blithe days. The aroma of coffee fills the crisp early morning air as I cast my eye contently across luscious green fields. In the distance the majestic hills stretch far beyond the limitless horizon. This place, where time stands still – where silence is audible, where man and Nature cohabitate in perfect unison and one is inspired to stop –  take it all in!

Yet, as if by magic, the aforementioned is but the tip of the iceberg, as in Treverton I have found so, so much more. Here, pupils are empowered to be the very best they can be, inspired to discover their innermost potential and worth. Life is celebrated to the full. Each individual is recognised for his own talents, uniqueness and God given authenticity. The whole child is developed. Education is holistic, activities varied. We revel in academics, literature, culture, poetry, art, environmental science, language, music, physical education and the dramatic arts. We are one, inextricably linked by the fibres of our being – unified by our love for God, care for each other and our respect for our unique planet, Earth. Highly skilled staff, committed adults passionately love and support the young individuals entrusted to them. The Equestrian Centre and Wildlife Reserve steals your breath from your chest, whilst the dam and canoe-club ensure hours of fun, togetherness and a sense of belonging. The spirit of the children is catching and their sense of unity and togetherness, humbling.

Treverton is more than the boarding houses overflowing with love, more than the sports fields bursting with activity, more than the state of the art theatre hosting incredible talent, more than the bustling squash courts, well-equipped classrooms, challenging rock climbing walls, busy gym and the beautiful chapel. It’s a place of solace, a brushstroke on the canvas of the stunning Drakensberg. A playground where barefoot children and teens can skip through grass under the watchful eyes of arching rainbows. Here unlimited stars bedeck the humid, African sky.

Be prepared for the unexpected, be prepared to be surprised – be prepared to be touched!


Ms Elmarie Vosloo (Drama – College)


The 13th of March has proven to be a very important day for the Amur Falcon in South Africa in 2019 and 2020. In 2019, the 13th of March was marked as the start of a big rescue and rehabilitation operation of the Amur Falcon after a terrible hailstorm injured more than 1 000 of them in the Midlands area of KwaZulu-Natal (KZN), South Africa.

On the 13th of March 2020, the WESSA Eco-Schools programme launched a project to learn more about and initiate ways to protect these migratory birds, Amur Falcon, when they are in South Africa. This project is called the Global Citizenship for Sustainability’s Wild Flight and is in partnership with Eco-Schools in India (Centre for Environmental Education) and Mongolia (FEE Mongolia).

Two of the WESSA Eco-Schools, Treverton Preparatory School and College and King’s School, in the KZN Midlands area were selected to take part in this project because they are located close to a few roosting sites of the Amur Falcon. Along with WESSA, these two schools have formed a task team on learning and sharing important facts and stories about the Amur Falcon.

At the launch of the project in South Africa, Cindy-Lee Cloete (WESSA Eco-Schools) facilitated a process of organizing creative ideas for action conservation projects on the Amur Falcon in South Africa, and specifically the Midlands area in KZN. Kristi Garland from BirdLife South Africa gave the task team a good overview of the Amur Falcon in South Africa and also made a generous donation of 7 binoculars and 7 bird identification guides to the project.

As the South African Amur Falcon team, we are very excited to work with the Indian and Mongolian task teams to learn more about how schools from different countries can work together to advance sustainability.

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