Whilst my last name (Ndhlovu) means elephant, I am neither vegetarian nor extremely large. I am, however, learning to be a trumpeter.
I am very excited to have joined the Treverton family in the Music Department, and I look forward to the new adventures that await!

Should you wish to chat to Raymond directly, please feel free to contact him via


LOCKDOWN!! Never in my life, could I have imagined myself experiencing a pandemic, which HALTED the world so rapidly. It came suddenly and it hit HARD! Initially I felt confused, imprisoned and uncertain about the future…. As time goes on, I realise that this is God’s way to say…”Be still my child and acknowledge that I am the Lord. Trust in Me and set aside your own little plans for the future.” Giving piano lessons over a little cellphone was unthinkable, but it WORKS! I am just gaining more and more.. building closer relationships with the children, and parents too! Many parents know now what piano tutoring involves and the best part…. they are willing to sacrifice their cellphones for a lesson. What I have come to realise is self-discipline and encouragement are wonderful keys to success. I am proud of being a Trevertonian and BRAVO to the headmaster, staff, pupils and parents in our school! #thetrevertonexperience

Ms Monica Hundt (Music – Prep)