I came to Treverton around 6 years ago and joined the IT Department. I soon realized that working in the education sector is very fulfilling and being a helping hand in the pupils’ lives as they go through their schooling years is a blessing. I enjoy the outdoors and spend my spare time fishing, walking my many dogs or even the odd computer game.

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I arrived at Treverton 16 years ago. A lot has changed for me and here at Treverton. In this time I have held 4 different positions at the Prep, gotten married and had 2 beautiful boys. I have worked under 4 different headmasters and worked with amazing colleagues, some of them are now like family to me.

I started out as an intern in 2005, already half way through my teaching degree. After completing my degree and qualifying as a teacher, I was fortunate to be offered a permanent teaching position. I taught Grade 5 for 8 years. An opportunity arose to teach Grade 6, and I embraced that wholeheartedly for a further 4 years.  I loved my time as a class teacher, but as advances in education and technology became an interest of mine, I saw an opportunity to start something more innovative. I approached John Huggett with the idea and he supported me all the way. This was the start of my STEAM journey. It has been a work in progress for the last 2 years and both the pupils and I have learned so much along the way. It has been so exciting to see what children are capable of learning and discovering when given a bit of freedom to pursue alternative learning avenues. I have felt so honoured to have been given the chance to develop STEAM in a safe and encouraging environment.

Over this time, much has changed, but the heart of what is Treverton is still true to the original mission set out by its founders almost 70 years ago.

As we navigate through the tumultuous times, we can stand steadfast on the assurances of God. He will bring us through this and make us stronger for it

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