Nhlanhla here serving Treverton as the Chaplain. I firmly believe that children are a gift from the Lord that is why I strive to bring them up in His ways! I enjoy CrossFit games, Rugby and figuring out new recipes which makes my wife happy! I’m married with three beautiful children under the age of 3 which is draining but life giving.

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Before I was born, my mother prayed for a daughter. She also asked God to give her a child that is unique. I am not entirely sure that I am unique however, I do know that I see the world through different eyes, and I am definitely different. I would not describe myself as one of a group, but rather, someone who can happily be in their own company. My great grandmother instilled in me a love for writing, my grandfather, a love for music. I think I have my mother’s tenacity and drive and my father’s passion for life. My grandmother taught me to bake, paint, sketch and create. My uncle inspired me to love reading and my aunt made me aware of how much the downtrodden need our love, understanding and compassion. When I was 10 years old I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life. I wanted to be an actress. There often is a huge crevice between what we want and what God wants, and my life followed a different path altogether. With age comes wisdom and at the age of 51 I realise that I am exactly where I should be. God has entrusted me with the precious souls and inquisitive minds of a multitude of children and I get to be a tiny spec on the horizon of their path through life. What an honour! I teach my students that they HAVE to follow their dreams because everything seems impossible until it happens. I also realise that I am doing exactly what I love, only, in accordance with God’s divine plan! I spend my days teaching my students acting but also skills that would be with them long after I have faded away. Together, we compose music, write lyrics, spend time learning, laughing, crying, discussing and discovering. I also know that my animals, too, are happy amidst the green hills and valleys of Treverton. Every morning I wake up to an awe-inspiring view of peaceful mountains, vividly engulfed in an orange splendour. Over a cup of steaming coffee, I cogitate…My name means “someone who desires to inspire, someone who is courageous, energetic, strong-willed and bold – someone who wants to make a difference in the world, someone with an aptitude to cultural interests and social issues. Someone who cultivates their creative talents.” I have to smile because I think I finally arrived!

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