Mr Bheki Majahana and Mrs Samkeliso Sibanda, along with their son Wayne and daughter Victoria, moved onto campus in early December. Bheki will be teaching accounting and is an avid archer who has competed in the National NASP archery tournament. The greatest feeling for him in education is hearing the magic words, “I now understand it, Sir.”

“A few years ago I was suddenly struck by an epiphany, that we are our values and the works of our hands are just a reflection of our values from a state of intangible to a tangible form. This has led me to a path of questions, what values lie behind our respect for Great leaders? What values lie behind our respect for a German engine? The greatest teachers teach values and this is the vein from which flows my passion for teaching whether I am in the classroom or on the archery range. Society can be improved one value at a time.”

Should you wish to chat to Bheki directly, please feel free to contact him via