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Meet the Team | John Hutton

My name is John Hutton and Treverton has been my home since 2018. I have a lovely wife, Natalie, and we have two children Ayla and Jayce. After we got married, my wife and I enjoyed three years in Sapporo, on the snowy northern island of  Japan. We lived there, taught our language and learned their language and travelled to China, Thailand, South Korea and the Philippines. After our travels, we came back to KZN and I taught at Grace College for 5 years before here. I love Treverton’s unique environment and the very real sense of being amongst family on campus. One of my favourite moments here was taking an extra lesson on the Matric novel and walking past the zebra and blesbok and dodging a rinkhals on the way.
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Meet the Team | Heidrun Röhrs

As a parent at Treverton, I always observed the ‘happy’ staff at the school, and hoped that one day I could may become one of them! It happened in 2004, when our children were old enough not to be taught by their mother! Then I was the grade 2 teacher, it became such a huge privilege to observe the growth and development in the lives of these little people! Often I will say to parents, how I wish that they could be there to share the ‘WOW ‘ moments with us. Besides classroom teaching, I have also loved being part of the senior girls tennis team! Tennis is one if my passions and we had many happy trips to tennis matches. 
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Meet the Team | Lynne Butler

I am Lynne Butler and I have worked at Treverton for almost 30 years. I started out as a house mother at the Prep for 3 years, then moved over to the bursar’s office as debtors clerk and started helping out with admissions.
Since 2015, I have been the College Secretary and Admissions Officer. I am getting to know the College pupils first hand as I sit in the reception area at the College.
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Meet the Team | Andrew Gace

I started working at Treverton in 2020, but my journey began when I first came to the school to play rugby fixtures a few years ago and ever since then, I have enjoyed the campus and the experiences that come along with it. I enjoy working as an intern here, and I can say that Treverton has made me want to become a teacher and has given me a strong foundation. I have met amazing people here who have opened my eyes to a larger world, which I am always so thankful for. 
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Meet the Team | Shireen Balie

As a little girl, I always wanted to become a teacher, so I am grateful that my wish came true!
My husband and I both work at Treverton and are currently in our twelfth year here
Two things that I am appreciative of in my workplace are: that I get to witness the beautiful and clear changing of the seasons here, as well as the fact that I get to share “gospel moments” with my colleagues and the children in my care.
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Meet the Team | Reece Johnson

My name is Reece Johnson and I arrived at Treverton in 2018 after finishing Matric in 2017 in Gauteng.
I started working at the Prep and then moved over to the College in 2020. I am studying a Bachelor of Education through UNISA and have been given the opportunity to teach Mathematics, Technology and Business Studies.
I have grown a lot during my time here and it has been an amazing opportunity for me. I have made a lot of close friends, some have become like family. It really is a special, adventurous place to be.
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Meet the Team | Ros Baker

Wife to Andy and mom of 5, now a Gran to a beautiful little fellow. I started at Treverton in 2014. I applied when a friend mentioned that the school was needing a Registered Nurse at the College. I really didn’t expect to be offered the job, but the Lord opened the door, and it was the right season for change. School nursing brings it’s challenges, but I can truly say that no day is ever the same and there are so many delightful and humorous stories… like “Livebait” who was accidentally caught by an enthusiastic fishing friend, being the biggest ‘thing’ caught that season. I love the interaction with the pupils, from the preppies to those starting to stretch their wings. Treverton is a safe and nurturing environment, and it is a delight to see pupils growing into confident, respectful adults.
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First Rate Daniel Jonck

Congratulations to Daniel Jonck and his team member who now rank 2nd in KwaZulu-Natal after the recent Sailing Provincials. Daniel has also ranked top junior at the club and proudly shows the trophy of achievement. He received a shield and certificate for his achievements and dedication to sailing.

The club sadly, doesn’t let winners keep their trophy for the year, however, Daniel will be presented with the trophy at assembly this week. 

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Meet the Team | Josh Marsden

Hi I’m Josh Marsden. I was blessed with opportunity to join the Treverton family at the start of the second term 2019. I absolutely love people, adventures and being active. One thing Treverton has helped […]

Meet the Team | Kean Broom

I think that working at Treverton is like being in paradise ! (Most of the time) God’s splendour and majesty are evident all around us in His magnificent creation. I would have loved to be a famous explorer and adventurer – but every day is an adventure here. When I’m not busy, a good braai with friends and family or a decent cup of coffee are things I appreciate. And the occasional remote country road on my motorbike…
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Meet the Team | Mamti Mthalane

My journey started in 2000 at Kiddies Corner, where I worked as an Assistant and a Cleaner. In 2004 Treverton bought Kiddies Corner and I was given the opportunity to spend more time in the […]