From as far back as I can remember I have wanted to teach. My teddies, dolls, younger brother and cousins were all unable to escape the pedagogy! I even set tests and exams and marked them, if only I’d known…

I had the privilege of home-schooling my three children for 8 years, of which time I do not regret a single second.

My journey with Treverton began nine years ago when my eldest started in Grade 4. Never did I imagine that I’d start my Treverton career (in 2019) as a librarian, a very noisy one at that. Between teaching library lessons you would find me in a garden, secateurs in my hand and leaves in my hair! At the ripe ‘older’ age of 44, I finally became a REAL, legit Grade 7 class teacher, SACE registered and all. This year I have had the privilege of teaching 15 pubescent young people and being taught by them in return, yes, that is possible!

Teaching is not a job or career, although it is stated as such after the word occupation, on many a document. It’s a calling that is embedded deep within a heart. I thank God that He has placed this calling on my life. My prayer is that He would use me to His glory.

Would you call me a nerd if I told you how excited I am to go to ‘work’ everyday?

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