My name is Kwandokuhle Shange, I was born and raised in the valley of 1000 Hills: Botha’s Hill to be specific. I joined Treverton at the beginning of 2020 after serving 5 years as an intern at Winston Park Primary School.

Growing up in a very disadvantaged community made me realise that everything comes from God and I then learnt to appreciate everything in life even the so called little things. I never imagined myself as a teacher but the bible says ” Many are the plans in the human’s heart but only God’s plan prevails: Proverbs 19:21″ hence I’m teaching today. I never enjoyed working with the kids at first, however, a few years into my teaching internship I saw an opportunity to make change, this came after noticing a lot of people thinking and believing that Mathematics is a no go area, I saw the need to help pupils unlearn this and start believing in themselves. And this is the reason why I majored in Mathematics.

However, I’m currently teaching isiZulu at the Prep and at the College, and I’m also an Assistance House Master in Jonsson Boy’s dorm. This has been an exciting journey for me as a multilingual person, I’ve learnt a lot and I have been exposed to interesting things here at Treverton. I’m still enjoying my stay here and I hope to be here longer.

Should you wish to chat to Kwanda directly, please feel free to contact him via