My name is Xolelwa (Gloria) Matse. I was born in the Bruntville clinic and grew up on a farm called Vrystaat Farm. I moved to the Bruntville location in 1998. I started work at Treverton in 2005. I first started at the Alan Staples Centre working with Mrs Fuller, Mr Nolan and Mr Clark. Then I worked at sickbay. I really enjoy working at sickbay. I enjoy seeing all the different children that come into sickbay. People that work here are kind. They are so humble. I can talk to them about anything. When my son was sick in 2007 Treverton was so supportive (emotionally). I got married last January. I have two sons. I just learnt computers here at Treverton. It was an interesting experience for me because I have never touched computers before.