My name is Buyiswa Mavis Mabi, and I was born here in Mooi River in Bruntville Clinic 1970.  I have been working at Treverton since 2013. I first started working at Burdett Boarding House and cleaned Mrs Tanner and Mrs Msimango’s classrooms. I also worked at the library. I enjoyed cleaning their classrooms because they are nice teachers. After that they needed me to help clean at the pre-school because I could speak English and could speak to the children. I enjoy working there with the kids and the teachers are very nice to me. I was married in 1999. I have three sons.

I moved to Estcourt in 2002 but last year on 25 May my husband passed away. Life is not easy for me but I am coping. I am now building my own house now and will move soon when my house is finished. This is also in Estcourt.