My name is Derek Brown. Like a good number of past Treverton staff, I come from the Eastern Cape. It seems as if good imports from the Eastern Cape are necessary to keep the KZN staff from entering some sort of moral decline.

I have been at Treverton College since 2006 where I shifted into teaching by doing a PGCE. Until that point, I had been in the wildlife field having done my MSc on black rhino, working in the field initially in the Eastern Cape’s Great fish River Reserve, and then later in Tanzania and Zambia at the Ngorongoro Conservation Area and North Luangwa National Park respectively.

My move into teaching was motivated by a number of factors, but key to this is my belief that influencing people is very important. One of the best ways to do his is in education, where I would still have opportunity to engage in my love for the outdoors.

I teach Biology at Treverton, and I am also involved in the outdoor programs with a particular interest in the rock climbing, kayaking and Drakensberg hiking areas. I have also been the main organiser of the Grade 10 journey.

If I did not enjoy it at Treverton, I would have left some time back already. I still see much purpose in teaching here, and opportunity for personal growth. My time at Treverton has been marked by some key life phases such as my marriage to Kate, and the birth of our daughter Micaela 2 years ago. Treverton is a place of many fond memories for me.

While teaching a subject is important, the most important things is the teaching of values. This is because values are so often shaped by society, and, because society changes, so do most people’s values. But not so the values of God. They are the ultimate truths. Christ’s sacrificial death is an ultimate biblical truth from which all else should be examined. Only in this can education find its ultimate purpose.

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