My name is Deanne Pennels, nee Bebb. I attended Treverton from 1995-2006 being the first ever Grade 1 class at Treverton and the last Grade 8 class at the Prep. Living in the Midlands and growing up at Treverton instilled a deep love for adventure and the outdoors, and after graduating from Varsity my husband and I lived in Thailand for 8 years and travelled to many places all over the world. We travelled the Great Ocean Road of Australia to the Sydney Opera House, Lake Taupo and the amazing volcanic town of Rotorua in New Zealand to Auckland, New York City to Lake Tahoe, Yosemite down the Pacific Coast Highway, The Grand Canyon through Colorado’s Rocky Mountains and to see the wolves of Yellowstone. We travelled all around Asia, from the Cities of Hong Kong and Singapore to the Ancient Temples of Cambodia, the Vietnamese War Museum to the Rice Terraces of Bali and of course the gorgeous beaches of Thailand. To see some of these natural wonders of the world, were some of the greatest moments of my life.

Now life has settled down to a totally different pace and different kinds of memories are being made as I am the Mom of two precious little boys and a darling adventurous little girl. My afternoons are filled with tutoring Maths to high school students, my other passion in life. I so appreciate the chance we had to live internationally, and to gain perspective and understanding of the world at large and to truly love and respect people from other races and cultures. It also provided an amazing opportunity to work with students at a top tier International School while completing my Teaching Certification.

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