On my walk around the campus over the weekend I was made aware again of how you all give of yourselves so freely and selflessly to make Treverton a real blessing to our pupils. The campus has never looked better in my time here, and the work that our maintenance, cleaning and support staff have put in over the past few months has been nothing short of remarkable. This creates a wonderful environment for kids to grow, learn and have fun. At Clewlow field, I passed Bheki teaching pupils to shoot with a bow and arrow, full of energy and enthusiasm. I then cut down past the veggie patch where Chris had the new pupils planting lots of new crops. On the Astro, Dean was going through the paces with the hockey players, with lots of laughter and chirping to go along with it as expected. Moving in down to the dam, Dave was overseeing a group of pupils having a great time out in the water whilst keeping an eye out for Charlie who was determined to push him into the water (which he succeeded in doing).
Moving up towards the pavilion, I passed Mantombi and the Harland prefects and grade 8s involved in fierce competition on the field in a game that I have never seen before but which seemed intensely exciting. Inside the pavilion, Samu and Kaitlyn were having tea with the Lind prefects and planning their strategies for the term. I thought I’d pop through the boys hostels on may way back home and found groups of boys having great conversations in cubicles, and an open, friendly welcome met me in both Harland and Jonsson. (And the rooms were tidy! On a Saturday!) As I headed past the Staples Centre, Carmen was in the shade under a tree chatting with Mihle.
Then, passing the sickbay on my way home, I heard screams of laughter from the Hudson Reed hall so I went over and ended up shooting a few hoops with the guys there before eventually making it home and collapsing on the couch. I know that Derek and a number of staff and pupils were at the same time kayaking down the Umkomaas river.
What an amazing place where we share our lives with the pupils and get to minister to them in such beautiful surroundings. Thank you staff for everything you all do!

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Mr Kean Broom (College Headmaste