“End Meet”

Another online lesson completed… Although I am getting to teach, this is not quite what I had in mind. I have always known I was called to teach. As a much younger version of myself I used to play school all… the… time. My poor cousins were so over it. When they stopped joining in, my teddy bears and dolls would sit diligently through hours of Spelling and Maths lessons. And so started the road to a career that is so much more than a meal ticket.

I have taught in some challenging schools, with up to 60 pupils crowded in a class to hear how Probability works, and then finally God lead me to Treverton. From the moment I arrived here my heart knew that this is a very special place.

In the last 3 years and 5 months I have grown to be quite fond of so many of YOU, pupils both past and present. It is rather a challenge to put words to the emotions I feel, when the time comes to send you all into the BIG WORLD out there. You might not know this, but you become a part of who I am. There are moments when a day simmers to a quiet lull and you are a thought that flutters into my mind. These moments have been sparse in the last while, as I have seldom found even a moment to think in a busy day. Perhaps this was a much needed reset for me to find a time to truly stop and BREATHE…

I was quite comfortable with all the world around me until the lockdown and suddenly I had to take stock of everything I had thought to be “normal”. One of the strangest things to have occurred is that I have never really been distracted by the traffic on the main road outside the school, but since there are no sounds of children on campus this has become so much louder and obvious. It is rather annoying. I miss all of you popping past my class when I sit there working in the afternoons. Quite honestly I have avoided going to my classroom because it does not feel “normal” for the school buildings to be without YOU in them.

The irony is that most of the people I was surrounded by in my younger days would think it “abnormal” that I surround myself with my students; yet YOU not being here is totally “abnormal” to me. I long for your news and smiling faces every day.

Lockdown has really messed with my brain… I can now attest that sunlight dish liquid should not be put in a dishwasher… It results in a very foamy floor wash as it bellows out of your dishwasher… Proof that YOU are what keeps me sane.

A school is nothing more than a random collection of buildings, when the people are not there to fill it. I did not ever intend to sit talking to my computer all day, my internal RAM is taking strain. YOU are missed… See you all soon. #thetrevertonexperience www.treverton.co.za

Mrs Theresa Nel (Head of Junior Academics, Maths Literacy and Grade 8)