Teaching during this lockdown period has brought a new appreciation to the importance of school. We are lucky enough to have the means to continue with our syllabus but it is evident that the classroom is an ideal learning environment.

Some learners find the online learning process exciting and they flourish, while for others it is an extremely daunting experience. When a student has a sound knowledge of the subject matter they are able to work independently and with little stress, but when new concepts are introduced some might feel overwhelmed and need that extra support. In a classroom situation, learners have the ability to ask questions freely and know that they will get the help that they require. That face-to-face contact and time spent together ‘tackling’ a challenging concept is not the same as trying to explain via tests or video meetings. Some learners do not reach out and seek the help that they need when learning online as they feel that it is their responsibility to teach themselves. There are many new skills that have had to be developed while trying to continue to get through the work that has been set.

As a teacher, this has been a roller-coaster experience. At times it has felt quite overwhelming but then fellow staff members step in and offer advice or tools that they have found to make the process a little bit easier. With each week that passes, I feel as if I have grown in my own abilities and developed a few new teaching skills.

While online learning has its benefits and integrating technology into the learning process is important, it can never replace the warmth and experiences gained in a classroom. Seeing the smiles on my pupils faces, being able to laugh together and create new memories is something that I will never take for granted. I look forward to the days when we can be together again.  #thetrevertonexperience www.treverton.co.za

Miss Carly Smith (Grade 7 Teacher)