I’m sports crazy and woke up on Saturday morning thinking what can I do on this fine Saturday lockdown.  I saw a challenge called “Run withit 24 hour challenge” phoned up Mike Tredway who is part of the organization and a friend, asking him the details and the call ended with “You starting just over an hours time”.

Within the hour I measured a 40m loop through my house suitable for 12 hours of running from 18h00-06h00 up and down the house, negotiating small steps, around corners, and dodging chairs… then the fun and games began with the goal being 2km x 50 times.  Through the night I ran, without sleep, managing 20 minute breaks between each slot as it took 40 minutes to get through the route. Coffee, water, juice and toast was all that was consumed.

What inspired me to continue when I felt tired, was the thought of our doctors in South Africa and around the world whose lives had drastically altered since the Covid-19 outbreak. They are working timelessly around the clock to fight for people.  Surely I could keep going?

When 7am came I able to finish off my last loops in the garden, completing the challenge by 12h00. I am always reminded that we are so blessed to have the lives we do, God is forever consistent and good!

Josh Marsden (Prep Sports Co-ordinator)