“We are in the same storm, but not in the same boat” – unknown

Countless boats of education are out there, doing their best to navigate these new and unpredictable waters. Fortunately, as members of the Treverton family, we are in the same boat.

With each crew member restricted to his or her own cabin, the bridge of the Treverton ship is unusually quiet at the moment. Looking over the foredeck, I see the huge peaks and deep troughs created by the unprecedented turbulence – but our ship forges ahead with purpose. The crew is working with energy and zeal – ready for any challenge.

As a small ship, the seas are buffeting us more than some of the bigger ships around us, but our size gives us the advantage of manoeuvrability. We also have an extraordinary crew who are making the personal sacrifices necessary to keep the ship on course.

Despite the fact that our passengers are on shore leave at the moment, the crew maintains daily contact with every one of them, and the learning, relationships, and sense of team remains strong. Each evening at 5pm, the crew meet online for a time of prayer where they pray for each other, the ship, the passengers, their families, and our country. In many ways, life on board goes on even though we are apart – but we eagerly await the day we are all on board again.

Not all ships are the same. This time in our history will highlight this, and reveal each ship for what it is. Our ship is unique, and the crew is different from most. Each crew member has their eyes fixed on God as the compass for our passage. This does not smooth the voyage, but it keeps our course true.

The extraordinary currents and storms we are facing will forever change the way ships like ours navigate the oceans. But our ship was built for adventure, and this excites us! We see tremendous opportunities ahead, and we are already thinking about our ship of the future. We have a highly adaptable vessel, and an innovative and motivated crew. Our mission is to turn the challenges that we face now into opportunities for improvement and innovation.

Although the ride is bumpy, we look forward with anticipation to where this will take us, and we are glad you are in our boat for this adventure.

We wish you a successful week of lockdown learning!

God bless

Kean, John, and the Treverton Team.