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New Pupils Concert 2020

Morag Liebenberg

We are very grateful to be on the Treverton ship. The online classes are great and it is  really good to have routine in the kids lives again although I know that Pippa longs to return… Read more “Morag Liebenberg”

Cath Fuller

Referring to (Prep Headmaster’s message for the day)…Carsten always looks to see how long it is and gets quite bummed when it is short 😁

After five years at Treverton, our young gentleman had surpassed all our expectations and passed through the Treverton gates for the last time, equipped for the new chapter in his life. We will be eternally grateful for the opportunities, the spiritual guidance and caring staff who were part of this formative process” – Lizl Swanepoel

We aim to inspire and empower young people by mentoring them as they grow in their knowledge and understanding of God’s Word, and giving them opportunities to be challenged and to serve the Lord within a safe environment, using the tools of adventure and the outdoors. 


The journey to high school and beyond starts in the formative, impressionable years of primary schooling and every child deserves the right to a school environment that is professional, nurturing, innovative, hurt free and secure...read more

Core values of integrity, self-discipline, accountability & mutual respect are promoted. Balanced education, provides a solid platform from which pupils step into the world confident, well-adjusted members of society…read more

We offer a year of relevance, challenging young men and women to serve Jesus through adventure and outdoor pursuits. Finding the balance between spiritual, physical, mental and social aspects in order to lead a life of significance …read more


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