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Thoughts & Reflections | Shaun Robertson

Treverton College has a unique campus that is filled with life of various kinds. The campus has three main biomes, namely grassland, invasive woodlands and fresh water ponds. In this article I wish to display […]

Thoughts & Reflections | Elmarie Vosloo

Be prepared to be touched! I firmly believe that language can never express the full “Treverton experience.” Behind the entrance gate lies a hidden gem, interwoven with immense natural beauty, a caring, unified, closely-knit community, and […]

Thoughts & Reflections | Sr Adie Peter

Skulking. That’s what I was doing. Sitting in the car, watching the long line of socially distanced shoppers outside Shoprite, praying that it would get shorter. I wanted it to get shorter so that I could […]

Workers’ Day Treverton (Lockdown) Style

South Africa observes International Workers‘ Day on 1 May as a public holiday. Workers‘ Day, also known as May Day, originated within the historical struggles of workers and their trade unions for solidarity between working people, and in their struggles to achieve fair […]