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Treverton Preparatory School and College - situated on a unique, 270-hectare campus in the heart of the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands - is a Christian school catering for boys and girls from Grades 000 to 12 and Post-Matric.

An Independent Private School, Treverton is in membership with the Independent Schools Association of Southern Africa.

Treverton provides an educational environment like no other, and is dedicated to giving young adults a head start in life which is relevant and appropriate to today's fast moving, ever changing world.

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Sound Academics

Treverton's educational philosophy is to strive for a standard of academic performance that compares with the best of South African Independent Schools.

A consistent 100% matric pass rate, a 84%+ exemption rate, together with a share of the country's top pupils each year testify to the success of the school's approach to education.

Unmatched Educational Environment

In addition to the usual privileges of private schooling, Trevertonians benefit from the beautiful environment, complete with its own Wildlife Area.

Blesbok, zebra and other fauna roam the broader Treverton estate, offering a world away from the materialism of the urban mall and modern-day brand-mania, and providing space and a safe, rural haven in which pupils can stretch their wings, exercise their potential and rise to the challenge of mind, body and spirit.

They have the chance to become a well grounded, value-driven people with self-worth, respect for the environment and their fellow beings, well-equipped to pursue a career.

Sporting Prowess

With approximately 250 pupils at the Prep and 365 at the College, Treverton competes favourably with other schools on the sports field. Like most other monastic or co-educational independent schools, Treverton has a fair share of provincial and national stars; despite our geographical distance from sporting centres, every effort is made to ensure that talented pupils can train and compete at provincial and national level.

More importantly, we offer the major sports that you would expect to find at South Africa's leading independent schools (rugby â—¦ soccer â—¦ hockey on Astroturf & grass â—¦ tennis â—¦ cricket â—¦ swimming â—¦ squash â—¦ adventure racing â—¦ athletics â—¦ cross country â—¦ horse riding at the Equestrian Centre) together with the less conventional activities and sports that our unique location enables us to offer (abseiling â—¦ kayaking â—¦ sailing â—¦ rock climbing â—¦ golf at the neigbouring Country Club â—¦ fishing â—¦ skateboarding â—¦ microlighting). Treverton's performance improves demonstrably year by year and pupils learn good sportsmanship, respect for their bodies, and how to steward their skills.

Home-from-home Boarding

The separate accommodation for boys and girls is comfortable and home-like.

Day-to-day boarding is overseen by adult care-givers who strive to provide a loving atmosphere with strong (though not draconian) discipline and one-on-one, parent-like support. Boy-girl relationships are closely supervised.

The large contingent of Christian staff residing on site, helps provide a family community into which pupils are absorbed.

Nourishing, varied and adequate meals are served in central dining halls on each campus. Sickbays under the care of nursing sisters cater for all ailments; a doctor is on call; visits to dentists and specialists in Pietermartizburg and Howick can be arranged, and a physiotherapist visits the school when required.

Day Scholar School Buses

Bus services for day scholars run between Treverton, Estcourt, Nottingham Road and Rosetta three times a day. Costs and timetable details are available on request.

Keeping in step with a Modern World

Particular attention is given to keeping abreast of current technology. Paramount is the ability to use computers as research tools, as well as for knowledge and communication.

Treverton graduates are computer literate and have a sound working familiarity with today's most popular software. They are well-versed in using IT across the curriculum and from Grade 4 every pupil has a personal email address. Students are also able to complete their ICDL (International Computer Driving Licence) at the school.

School Trips

Treverton believes that the classroom is the first step in a well-rounded education, and that much can and should be learned on field trips.

Throughout a pupil's time at Treverton, regular outings and excursions are undertaken both locally and abroad.